tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Glass crafts by Marica, my daughter

I was visiting her on her workplace, Glödheta in Umeå. Sp, I thaught I would use the photos and make a youtube-film.
Glass crafts is fantastic, faboulus. If you take "dirt" you may very well have a beautiful work of glass.

måndag 17 augusti 2009

Railway worker woman

As a young woman, I worked as a railway worker. A heavy job that really called for a strong man, or a woman.

Byt they had never seen a woman work there.
Tools, were made for giants. Minimum working shoe I could find was size 40, two sizes numbers larger than I had.

Good thing they had braces, they hanged on to the body.

What I remember most was all FLOUNDER in the deep snow and constantly wet, cold trousers.

My work consisted in clearing the rails from the snow, changing splice iron's and cutting down trees.
At the end of my work-period, I had an accident when a colleague dropped a sledgehammer in full speed hit my head.

I did not stand up after the blast, I went unconsius. Since I could not walk, my colleagues dragged me through the forest. It was a long way to the car.

We drove miles to the hospital where the head was sewn together.

What a disappointing end to an otherwise fun and exciting period of work.

fredag 14 augusti 2009


When I was younger I worked at the power stations as a forestry worker. This meant that I cut down trees, picked up all the material and then burn it.

It´s a dirty job with heavy lifting all the time.

The reason for this is that not all the roots and tree will float up and fill the dam facility when the water is filled.

Not many women worked there, so little unusual it was.
At the workplace, there were many professions:
Shotfirer, Dumper drivers, excavator lard, forest workers, construction workers and all managers and ingengörer.

Nobody lived normally on site, therefore, workers lived in barracks, mobile homes and abandoned houses.

It was a special time, a mixture of hard work and isolation from the world.

It was long ago now, but I know I contributed to Sweden's electricity supply.

onsdag 12 augusti 2009

A teaser, Björkpollen of the Dead

at Nolaw youtubesite.

You can visit him at this adress: NoLaw

if you look closely, I am laying dead on the floor.